The following are some pieces that I am particularly proud of. Some are papers from classes that I have taken at MIT, while others are just personal writing

litchin@ and mellifluously@

Since 2014, I have had a literary mailing list (litchin@) and a musical mailing list (mellifluously@) which I would send various musings to. An archive of posts made (albeit missing the lively community of responses) can be found here.

Jeopardy - 2017 to present

After winning the 2017 Jeopardy College Championship with "Who is the spiciest memelord?", I got quite a taste of internet celebrity. My media studies training helped me make sense of the entire process.

This space is reserved for my own writing. Interviews with me can be found on my press page

Alice - 2015 to present

After taking 21L.430 / CMS.920 (Narrative and Popular Culture: Children's Cultural Blockbusters) with Professor Marah Gubar in Spring 2015, I turned my passing interest in Alice in Wonderland into a more scholarly one. I ended up teaching several classes about Alice and children's literature in general for MIT's Educational Studies Program, modifying what I had learned from Professor Gubar into a class of my own.

21L.706 - Studies in Film: Color in Film - Spring 2017

I took this class with Professor Eugenie Brinkema, the professor who inspired me to minor in Comparative Media Studies through her stunning teaching of 21L.011 - The Film Experience. For my last undergraduate semester at MIT, I took her seminar about color in film which pushed my analytical skills more than ever before.

CMS.616 - Games and Culture - Fall 2016

I took this class with Professor TL Taylor. It's honestly been an honor to work with her and I've really enjoyed looking more in-depth in sociological issues around gaming. Although the papers were a bit more surface level than I would have liked, I definitely feel like I have the groundwork for doing more research

CMS.845 - Interactive Narrative - Spring 2016

I took this class with Professor Nick Montfort. It's been the first time in a while since I've done a creative writing class since elementary school and I found the work really cool.

Ex Machina by Jonathan Ball

CMS.300 - Introduction to Video Game Theory - Fall 2015

I took this class with Professor Mikael Jakobsson. I really enjoyed this class and managed to write papers that I didn't feel were overly rushed by my college life. I also really appreciated the opportunity to dig deeply into game studies, which was something I never had a formal grounding in before taking this class.

Dorm Security Protests / UA Student-Admin Collaboration - 2014-2017