My main Github link is here

Most of my programming experience has been in conjunction with hardware, so please check out my hardware projects page as well

If you are still interested in looking at Githubs, there is my very old one here and the account used for my FIRST Robotics team here.

Hardware + Software Projects

MASLAB Competition

Built in 2016
Won First Place

Cube-stacking autonomous robot built in a month

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6.115: Virtual Reality Game

Spring 2015 | More Info
As the final project of 6.115, Micrcocontroller Project Lab, I created a simple virtual reality game. The player would control their character through a maze on an LCD screen by shining a flashlight on to different light sensors while stepping on a pressure pad to control their movements.

FIRST Robotics

2007 - 2013 | More Info
Team captain, lead programmer, and only girl on the build team for a internationally ranked robotics team. What really inspired me to be an engineer.

Software-Only Projects

2016 - present | Github | More Info
This website! Lovingly hand-coded.


Jan. 2014
Wrote AI for real time strategy game in a team of 4

HackMIT: Travelive

Oct. 2013 | Github
Trip planning tool that uses Weather Underground API to tell you what weather to expect along your way

AP Computer Science AI Competitions

Spring 2013 | Github
Created AI for iterated prisoner's dilemma competitions and homemade Tron game based on GridWorld