Notable Projects

2.75 - Delivery Forceps

Taken in Fall 2016

Forceps with rotational and sensing capabilities for operative vaginal delivery

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2.72 - Desktop Lathe

Taken in Spring 2016
Won Class Competition

Desktop lathe with 50 micron precision, even after being dropped

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MASLAB Competition

Built in 2016
Won First Place

Cube-stacking autonomous robot built in a month

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2.008 - Yoyos

Taken in Fall 2015

Design and manufacture 50 yoyos by injection-molding and thermoforming

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MakeMIT - Ceiling Tile Painter

Built in Feb. 2015

Programmable gantry painter built in 24 hours

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2.00 - Skynet / SleepCycle

Taken in Spring 2015

Balloon popping competition / product design for a bikepacker

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MakeMIT - Guitar-Playing Robot

Built in Feb. 2014
Won First Place

Strums with solenoids, frets with rack and pinion. Built in 24 hours

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Other Projects

6.131: Audio Equalization Board

Fall 2015
As the final project of 6.131, Power Electronics Lab, I made a simple audio equalizer board. The board would filter out bass, treble and mid level frequencies, amplify them according to user input and output the sound.

6.115: Virtual Reality Game

Spring 2015 | More Info
As the final project of 6.115, Micrcocontroller Project Lab, I created a simple virtual reality game. The player would control their character through a maze on an LCD screen by shining a flashlight on to different light sensors while stepping on a pressure pad to control their movements.


Jan. 2015 | More Info
Attempt to make skates that could be worn with normal shoes on, allowing you to easily slip them on and off. Mostly a lesson in planning.

FIRST Robotics

2007 - 2013 | More Info
Team captain, lead programmer, and only girl on the build team for a internationally ranked robotics team. What really inspired me to be an engineer.