Lilly Chin


The following are some pieces that I am particularly proud of. Some are papers from classes that I have taken at MIT, while others are just personal writing

litchin@ and mellifluously@

Since 2014, I have had a literary mailing list (litchin@) and a musical mailing list (mellifluously@) which I would send various musings to. An archive of posts made (albeit missing the lively community of responses) can be found here.

CMS.300 - Introduction to Video Game Theory - Fall 2015

I took this class with Professor Mikael Jakobsson. I really enjoyed this class and managed to write papers that I didn't feel were overly rushed by my college life. I also really appreciated the opportunity to dig deeply into game studies, which was something I never had a formal grounding in before taking this class.

CMS.845 - Interactive Narrative - Spring 2016

I took this class with Professor Nick Montfort. It's been the first time in a while since I've done a creative writing class since elementary school and I found the work really cool.

Ex Machina by Jonathan Ball

CMS.616 - Games and Culture - Fall 2016

I took this class with Professor TL Taylor. It's honestly been an honor to work with her and I've really enjoyed looking more in-depth in sociological issues around gaming. Although the papers were a bit more surface level than I would have liked, I definitely feel like I have the groundwork for doing more research