Lilly Chin

Lilly Chin

About Me

I'm Lilly Chin. I'm currently a PhD candidate at MIT in Daniela Rus' lab. I graduated from MIT in 2017 with a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with minors in Mechanical Engineering and Comparative Media Studies

In engineering, I am primarily interested in robotics hardware design, especially creating new versatile electrical / mechanical systems. This has led me to research soft robotics and additive manufacturing.

In the humanities, I am interested in studying how duration and violence are mediated through formal / aesthetic elements to become (un)bearable across media. I am particularly interested in video games, film, and Internet culture. I have a secondary interest in understanding narrative, especially within interactive media and metanarratives

Overall, I'm interested in the interdisciplinary - whether robotics, medical device design or media studies. Wherever I can just tinker and learn how things work - that's where I thrive.